Green Bicycle Lane Coating

Green Bike Lane Paint | Textured Bicycle Lane Coatings

Green bike lane paint is becoming extremely popular.  Studies have proven that delineating the bike lanes with textured bicycle lane coatings has a positive impact on safety for bicyclists.  Motorists also say that the designated green bike lanes also raises their level of awareness for cyclists.

The FHWA (Federal Highway Administration) initiated a document providing interim approval on optional use of green colored pavement for bike lanes.  This memo was a page from the manual of uniform traffic control devices (MUTCD), and provided some background and additional information on green bike lane paints.

Bicycle Lane Coating | Safe Ride Green Bike Lane Paint

SealMaster is leading the green bicycle lane coating trend with Safe Ride.  This specialty bike lane treatment is factory-textured and pre-tinted, for ease of application.  Just mix to ensure there is no settling of solids or sand, and apply with a SealMaster texture spray unit or rollers.

Safe Ride Green Bike Lane Coating

Since the sand is encapsulated in the coating, and not broadcasted on the surface, it holds the texture much longer the other products.  This is very important to the film toughness and non-slip safety for cyclists.  Safe Ride is low in VOC’s and fast-drying for quick turnaround from application to opening for traffic. Safe Ride is a high-solids, cross-linking acrylic with properties similar to that of thermoplastic materials.   It is truly a bicycle lane coating system or bike lane treatment that will outlast other traditional line markings or asphalt coatings.

SafeRide Green Bike Lane Paint

Safe Ride Uses & Coverage

Safe Ride bike lane coating covers approximately 50 square feet per gallon, per coat.  A minimum of two coats should be applied for ideal hiding and coverage.  However, additional coats may be applied in high-traffic and wear areas like intersections.  Each coat should be applied at a dry mil thickness of 20 to 25 mils.  This will help the acrylic cross-linking performance and increase the longevity of the coating system.  Dry time, at 90 degrees Fahrenheit, is around 25 minutes to recoat.  The initial curing time for traffic is 1 to 3 hours, based on 90 degree temperatures and 50% relative humidity.

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