Tennis Court Resurfacing Anaheim CA

Tennis Court Resurfacing | Anaheim Hills & Orange CA

SportMaster Sport Surfaces are installed throughout southern California by experienced tennis court contractors.  Click on the “contact us” button and get free quotes on tennis court resurfacing in Anaheim Hills and Orange CA.

Our sport surfacing systems are ideal for athletic and recreational areas, as well as, game courts including:

  • Tennis, Pickleball, and other racquet sports
  • Basketball, Netball, and multi-purpose courts
  • Playgrounds and game courts for kids
  • Roller hockey, skateboarding, and roller sports
  • Walking, jogging, and running track surfaces

The 100% acrylic coating and paint formulations resist fading and premature wear under the hot Anaheim and Orange CA  sun and UV rays.  There are 16 vibrant tennis court colors to choose from, including the extremely popular blue and green.

Backyard Pickleball Courts | Anaheim Hills & Orange CA

The SportMaster ColorPlus system is an excellent sport surfacing choice for backyard Pickleball courts in Anaheim Hills and Orange CA.  The safe, textured surfaces provide a slip-free and uniform finish for permanent and blended line courts.  Many of our clients in Anaheim, Orange, and southern California are having their tennis courts resurfaced with standard white tennis lines, along with pickleball and basketball lines in a different color.  This is a great way to maximize the real estate of your game court without adding a great deal of cost.

Tennis Court Resurfacing Contractors| Anaheim and Orange CA

Our tennis court resurfacing contractors provide quality service in Anaheim, Orange, and throughout southern California.  Whether you are looking for new court construction, repair, or resurfacing, we can help you find experienced and affordable local installers.  If you would like to see a variety of athletic court installations, visit our social media pages by clicking on each icon in the left-side navigation.  You can see some recent and past applications, which may help you decide on the tennis or game court of your dreams.

Tennis court Color Combinations | Anaheim & Orange CA

SportMaster Tennis Court Colors
SportMaster Tennis Court Colors



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