SportMaster Tennis Court Surfaces

Tennis Court Repair, Resurfacing, and Construction in Minnesota

SportMaster is a leading brand of acrylic sport surfaces.  We have locations based in Minnesota that support and stock tennis court builders and resurfacing contractors in MN.  Fill out the contact form on this page for information and free quotes on tennis court repair, resurfacing, and construction in Minnesota.

Tennis Court Repair in Minnesota

The extreme Minnesota winters are very tough on asphalt and concrete tennis court surfaces.  Tennis court cracks are prevalent from the damaging effects of the winter freeze and hot summer thaw. SportMaster produces ready to use crack fillers for do it yourselfers (DIY), maintenance crews, and professional tennis court contractors. Our recommended installers also apply patented crack repair membrane systems that can keep tennis court cracks at bay for many years.

Tennis Court Resurfacing in Minnesota

SportMaster premium sport surfacing systems are ideal for the abusive climate of Minnesota.  With 16 standard colors to choose from, the SportMaster ColorPlus system is very low-maintenance and fade-resistant to the hot summer sun.  The colored tennis court resurfacing products contain specially graded silica sand and aggregates for non-slip, spin-responsive play.  SportMaster is the only U.S. brand with all ITF (International Tennis Federation) classified paces.  Court owners and facility managers can choose from all 5 speeds: slow, medium-slow, medium, medium-fast, and fast.

Tennis Court Construction in Minnesota

Whether you are looking to get a backyard tennis court, or a larger battery of courts for a private or public sports facility, SportMaster can help.  Our contractors are qualified in tennis court construction and can manage the entire process.  Some surfacing professionals can perform their own asphalt and concrete work and others know the best paving companies to use for properly building tennis courts.  Either way, it is important to talk to an experienced tennis court surfacing professional first to make sure the base is properly built with correct slope and drainage.

For more information and recommended tennis court builders and resurfacing contractors in Minnesota, please contact us.

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