Missouri Tennis Court Repair & Resurfacing

Missouri | Tennis Court Repair and Resurfacing

Is it time to resurface your tennis court?  SportMaster Sport Surfaces are stocked and supported throughout the state of Missouri and installed by the best local tennis court contractors.

Tennis court resurfacing & repair in Missouri is best performed by experienced local tennis court builders and resurfacing professionals.  As a manufacturer of premium acrylic sport surfacing systems, SportMaster can provide you with referrals to our best tennis court resurfacing professionals.  Fill out the contact form on this page and we will get back with you quickly and make sure that you receive a competitive, free quote from a qualified sport surfacing company.

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Tennis Court Patching and Repair in Missouri

Does your tennis court have cracks, puddles, or other surface damage?  SportMaster Acrylic Patch Binder is a product that is mixed on-site with portland cement and sand, to create an acrylic-based slurry for various sport surface repairs.  Here is a short video that demonstrates mixing of Acrylic Patch Binder along with tennis court patching and repair:

Building a Backyard Tennis Court in Missouri

SportMaster can also assist you if you are looking into building a backyard tennis court in Missouri.  Most of our tennis court contractors work with asphalt and concrete court builders, or can perform the entire project themselves.  Surfacing professionals know the importance of having a tennis court built correctly.  When building a tennis court, the tolerances are different and tighter than a standard driveway or parking lot.  In order for the court to properly drain and minimize the occurrence of puddles, it should have a 1 percent slope.  This is just one of many important items that a tennis court builder understands and knows to look for, in order to provide an owner with a quality investment.

SportMaster Sport Surfaces is a world-wide brand, that is produced in the United States.  SealMaster of Missouri is a locally-owned distributor for the entire line of SportMaster tennis court surfaces and repair products.  Feel free to fill out the contact form or contact us directly at the following location in St. Louis:

SealMaster of Missouri (SportMaster Sport Surfaces) – Serving St. Louis and Eastern Missouri
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