Tennis Court Resurfacing | San Diego CA

Tennis Court Resurfacing & Repair | San Diego CA

SportMaster tennis court resurfacing and repair products are stocked and supported in San Diego CA.  We can provide referrals to authorized SportMaster installers that can provide free quotes on the following:

  • Tennis Court Crack Filling and Repair
  • Leveling or removing puddles, aka “birdbaths”
  • Tennis court resurfacing
  • Tennis court construction or building a tennis courts
  • Installing posts, nets, or other accessories
  • Cleaning and other tennis court maintenance

How much does it cost to resurface a tennis court in San Diego?

It can generally cost somewhere in the range of $4,500 to $7,000 to resurface a tennis court in San Diego.  Of course, there are variables that determine what end of the price range your court would fall into.  If you have substantial surface flaws like cracks or low spots (puddles), it will require more time and materials for repairs, prior to the actual color coating or tennis court resurfacing layers.  Other additional preparation like cleaning, tree sap, mold/moss removal, will likely push the cost up a bit, as well.  If you would like to get free estimates based on the actual condition of our tennis court, and you are in San Diego or Southern California, click on the “contact us” button.  We will put you in touch with qualified tennis court construction or resurfacing contractors.

Recreational and Athletic Sport Surfaces in San Diego

SportMaster Sport Surfaces are ideal for many different recreational activities and sports.  Many court owners are combining multiple sports on the same area, and having sport surfacing contractors apply additional lines in other colors (also known as blended lines) for different sports.  Here are just a few examples of other sports and recreational activities that work well on SportMaster acrylic sport surfaces:

  • Basketball courts (commonly combined with Tennis Courts)
  • Pickleball Courts (Good as a stand alone or blended with Tennis)
  • Volleyball and Badminton
  • Netball & Soccer
  • Shuffleboard (on SkateMaster System)
  • Roller Sports like skateboarding, roller derby, and roller hockey
  • Indoor/outdoor running, jogging, or walking paths
  • Playgrounds with four square, world/US maps, and other games

If you would like more information, feel free to call or stop by our San Diego location:

SealMaster of San Diego/Mission Gorge (SportMaster Distributor)
4570 Alvarado Canyon Road – Suite C
San Diego, CA 92120


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