Tennis Court Resurfacing Louisiana

Tennis Court Resurfacing, Construction & Repair | Louisiana

SportMaster is a leading brand of acrylic sport surfacing systems. We have qualified installers and contractors that perform tennis court resurfacing, construction & repair throughout Louisiana. Whether you have an existing tennis, basketball, or pickleball court or are looking to build a new one, we can put you in touch with an experienced court contractor in Louisiana.

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Tennis Court Resurfacing & Painting | Louisiana

Tennis court resurfacing & painting should be done every 4 to 8 years in Louisiana, depending on usage and court surroundings. Tennis court surfaces provide ideal texture for spin-responsive and safe play.  They also beautify the court and protect the asphalt or concrete from the moist and hot climate in Louisiana.  White lines can be painted on your tennis court for tennis, and the installers can paint additional blended lines for other popular sports.  For example, basketball or pickleball court lines can be added in a complementary color and area so the court can be utilized for multiple sports.

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Tennis Court Repair | Louisiana

One of the most popular requests in Louisiana is tennis court repair. Here are some of the most common court repairs:

  • Tennis court crack repair – also called “crack filling”
  • Low spot or “birdbath” leveling – puddle removal
  • Net post footer repair, straitening, or installation
  • Surface repair.  Usually from root damage or a falling branch.

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Our recommended tennis court contractors are experienced in all facets of tennis court repair and can provide free quotes from crack repair to net post replacement and more.

Tennis & Basketball Court Construction | LA

What better way to stay in shape and have a great time with family and friends than to have your own backyard tennis or basketball court.  SportMaster can refer you to qualified local contractors to handle tennis & basketball court construction in LA.  They can perform a site visit and get a feel for what preparation and site work needs to be completed to ensure quality tennis & basketball construction.  After the site visit, they can provide an accurate estimate of what it would cost to the build your tennis or basketball court.  Other commonly built courts in Louisiana include:

  • Pickleball Courts
  • 10 & Under Courts | Kids Tennis Courts
  • Multi-purpose courts
  • Four square and other playground game courts
  • Inline roller hockey rinks or skate parks
  • Volleyball, soccer, futsal courts
  • Many other athletic & recreational surfaces

SportMaster also produces cushioned court surfacing systems. These can be used for tennis, pickleball, basketball, and many other tennis shoe-based sports.  Cushion is not recommended for roller sports or recreational areas that have any use other than rubber-sole shoes.

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