Pickleball Court Resurfacing Specs

Pickleball Court Surfacing Guide Specifications | Resurfacing Guidelines

SportMaster has been a leading brand of pickleball court surfaces for as long as pickleball has been around.  From private backyard pickleball courts & public parks, all the way to professional pickleball venues, we have many years of pickleball surface experience.

If you are planning to have a new pickleball court built or resurfaced, it’s very important to have proper pickleball court surfacing guide specifications from the manufacturer.  Guide specifications are the instructions and procedures that the surfacing contractor should follow to install or apply the surfacing system.  It acts as an “apples to apples” instruction sheet, which is most helpful when getting prices from multiple contractors.  Even if you have already selected the contractor, the guide specification will help to make sure all preparation, surfacing, and striping is performed to manufacturer recommendations.

Pickleball Court Surfacing on Asphalt | Specifications

Concrete is also a very common material that is used to build pickleball courts.  It is important to find an experienced pickleball court builder who knows how to prepare the site and build the court per the American Sports Builders Association guidelines.  Here are some of the more important items for successful surfacing of concrete pickleball courts:

  • Proper slope of 1% (1 inch in every 10 feel slope in one direction)
  • Vapor barrier installed beneath the slab and good perimeter drainage to minimize accumulation of water beneath the slab (which can lead to bubbles and blisters from escaping vapor pressure)
  • medium-broom finish on the concrete slab
  • Moisture cure the concrete and do NOT use curing compounds, as they can affect adhesion of coatings
  • Courts should be built North/South to minimize direct sunlight for players

Pickleball Court Combination

Pickleball Court Surfacing on Concrete |Specifications

Cushioned Pickleball Court Surfaces

Cushioned pickleball court surfaces are becoming very popular with players.  These surfacing systems have sub-layers that are made with granulated rubber particles.  Flexible acrylic coatings suspend and lock the rubber in place during the application process.  After a series of coats, a rubber pad is created underneath the colored acrylic surfaces.  This softens the pickleball playing surface under foot and makes it easier on player joints and overall shock on the body.  There are a few levels of thickness to choose from, depending on your budget.

Cushioned Pickleball Court Surfacing Specifications

Here is a copy of the guide spec for cushioned pickleball court surfacing on asphalt:

Here is a copy of the cushioned pickleball court surfacing guide specification on concrete:

Pickleball Court Contractors & Installers

Now that you have a copy of these specifications, please let us know if we can assist further.  We can provide you with qualified pickleball court contractors & installers. If so, fill out the contact box or give us a call.

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