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What is the best process for tennis court resurfacing in the upper midwest?

The upper midwest is home to many things, especially extreme weather conditions. The hot summers and extremely cold winters can be very hard on asphalt and concrete tennis court surfaces. What is the best process for tennis court and resurfacing  and repair in the upper midwest?  It is pretty much the same as anywhere else, when using 100% acryic tennis court resurfacing and repair products.

This is one of the great characteristics of acrylic tennis court surfaces.  Acrylics are very durable in any climate.  They require the least amount of maintenance of any tennis court surface, and the consistency of play is second to none.  Here is just a small list of positive reasons to use SportMaster acrylic surfaces on your tennis court in the upper midwest:

  • Very low maintenance
  • Extremely durable in any climate
  • Can be used on indoor and outdoor courts
  • Consistent texture for safety and ball bounce
  • Can be custom tailored to any speed of play
  • High aesthetics – Available in 16 standard tennis court colors

Upper Midwest | Tennis Court Contractors

SportMaster is a leading brand of tennis court surfacing products.  As the manufacturer, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a great overall experience.  This means that we not only take care of our tennis court contractors, but also their customers.  We want to make sure that the end-user gets a premium sport surface, every time.  If you are looking for a factory authorized tennis court contractor, please reach out to us and we can provide you with our recommendations throughout the Upper Midwest or in your specific city.  All you have to do is fill out the “contact us” form and someone will get back with you right away, to set up a site visit and free estimate.

Upper Midwest Regions | Tennis Court Resurfacing Contractors

SportMaster authorized installer are available throughout the upper midwest region, including but not limited to:

  • Minnesota
  • South Dakota
  • North Dakota
  • Michigan

Contact us today for free referrals to qualified sport surfacing & construction contractors.

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