New York Tennis Court Resurfacing & Repair

New York | Tennis Court Repair & Resurfacing

SportMaster Sport Surfaces are stocked and supported throughout the state of New York. There are locations in all regions, from Western & Central NY to Eastern and Long Island.

For free tennis court repair and resurfacing estimates, please navigate through the site menu to your region or click the “contact us” button for quicker assistance. We can connect you with a qualified tennis court contractor or your closest SportMaster representative.

New York | Tennis Court Construction

Don’t currently have your own tennis court?  Our representatives can schedule a meeting to evaluate your needs and provide budgetary information on tennis court construction in your backyard or facility.  Depending on what you are able to spend, our tennis court contractors can provide information on the entire package: building a tennis court, lighting, fencing, shade structures & enclosures, etc.

Tennis Court Crack Repair | New York

The weather conditions in New York are prime for tennis court cracks. The brutally cold winters and hot summers are a challenge for asphalt or concrete tennis courts.  Freeze-thaw and penetrating moisture break apart asphalt and creates cracks in your tennis court surface.  A SportMaster representative can provide crack repair options or put you in touch with a professional tennis court contractor to provide the best options for short or long term crack repair.

Tennis Court Resurfacing | New York

It is important to maintain the surface of your tennis courts.  Acrylic tennis court surfaces look great, but they also serve many purposes. Color coatings seal and protect your asphalt tennis court investment and can more than double the life of uncoated asphalt. The tennis court coatings protect the asphalt binder from the drying effect of the sun and penetration from water and other environmental contaminants. Tennis court resurfacing products are filled with specific silica sand and aggregates to provide safe, non-slip texture and provide the speed of play to your tennis court surface.  SportMaster is the only U.S. brand with all ITF (Internation Tennis Federation) classified surface speeds: Slow, Medium-Slow, Medium, Medium-Fast, Fast.



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