Illinois Tennis Court Resurfacing and Repair

Illinois | Tennis Court Resurfacing, Repair, and Construction

Tennis Court Repair and Restoration in Illinois

What is the best way to repair tennis courts in Ilinois? There are many different materials and methods available.  From fixing puddles to filling cracks on tennis courts, SportMaster can find a qualified local contractor in Illinois to address your problems and recommend the best solution.

Tennis Court Crack Filler | Illinois

The most common crack repair material for tennis courts in Illinois is acrylic crack fillers.  Acrylic tennis court crack fillers come in different formulations from heavier-bodied, trowel grade crack fillers, to pourable and flexible rubberized sealants. Our preferred tennis court contractors in Illinois can explain the performance benefits of each crack filler, and install the best suited tennis court repair products on your court.

Tennis Court Crack Repair Membranes in Illinois

Many of our Illinois tennis court contractors use state-of-the-art, crack repair membranes for specific types of tennis court repair. These membrane systems are ideal for structural cracks and keep cracks hidden for many years. These methods are ideal for the extremely colds winters in Illinois.

Tennis Court Puddles, Low Areas, and Birdbath Repair | Illinois

Prior to tennis court resurfacing, one of the main issues that must be addressed is tennis court puddle or birdbath filling or patching. As you can see in the previous video clip, SportMaster Acrylic Patch Binder can be used to fill and level low areas on asphalt and concrete tennis court surfaces to minimize or prevent puddles.  This product can also be used to fix pitting and other surface damage, along with crack filling throughout the tennis court surface.  Another common usage of Acrylic Patch Binder is to smooth out and level around the tennis court net post footer.  This works well to transition the net posts sleeve footer into the surface, prior to resurfacing the court.

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