Tennis Court Resurfacing New Hampshire

Tennis Court Resurfacing and Repair | New Hampshire

Get free quotes from an experienced SportMaster installer for tennis court resurfacing and repair in New Hampshire.  Our recommended tennis court contractors are qualified to perform all phases of sport surfacing and construction.  Here are some common repairs and procedures that they will complete:

      • Tennis court crack sealing and repair
      • Puddle or “birdbath” leveling
      • Surfacing or resurfacing
      • Tennis, Pickleball, Basketball, and other court striping
      • Backyard or institutional court building and construction
      • Installation of accessories: Basketball hoops, tennis court nets and posts, lighting, fencing, and much more.


Tennis Court Crack Repair | New Hampshire

The bitter cold winters and hot summers in NH are very hard on asphalt court surfaces. SportMaster produces a variety of tennis court crack fillers and sealants that are ideal for maintaining cracks on tennis and other game courts in New Hampshire.  There are a variety of other professionally installed crack repair systems that can also be applied to your court surface. Our recommended tennis court contractors can provide more information and let you know if any of these crack repair systems would be a good fit for your court. Tennis Court Crack Repair New Hampshire


Backyard Pickleball Courts | New Hampshire

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the nation.  Our NH based installers can build new pickleball courts or add them to an existing asphalt area or tennis court surface.  Pickleball court lines can also be easily added to an existing or new tennis court, by blending the lines with the surface.  This is usually accomplished by striping the tennis court lines with white line paint, and painting the pickleball lines in another color that compliments the surface.  For example, if your court surface is light green, they could stripe the pickleball court using dark green.  This can be done with a variety of sports, including basketball, and other popular games.

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