Sport Surfacing Systems

Sport Surfacing Systems | Acrylic Multi-Sport Surfaces

SportMaster is a leading manufacturer of 100% acrylic Sport Surfacing Systems.  Our sport coating systems can be utilized on a large variety of athletic and recreational surfaces and game courts. Acrylic sport surfacing systems are the industry standard surface choice for, but not limited to, the following reasons:

  • Very durable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Affordable for public and private applications
  • Safe for non-slip footing, even when the surface is wet
  • Surface texture can be customized to compliment multiple activities
  • Very low maintenance required
  • Also acts as a sealant to protect and extend the life of asphalt and concrete surfaces
  • Aesthetically pleasing with many available colors
  • Light colors help to keep playing surfaces cooler
  • Dark colors help to speed up snow melt

Multi-Sport Surfaces | SportMaster Acrylics

When home and property owners have a limited budget or space in the backyard, it can be a hard decision on what kind of court to install.  Don’t worry, with SportMaster sport surfacing systems, you can get the best of many worlds by using a multi-sport surfacing system.  Depending on what sports you would like to play, we can can help you decide which sport surfacing system is best for your multi-sport court.  You can combine sports like tennis and pickleball, or basketball on the same court.  Even roller sports like skateboarding or inline roller hockey can share the same area with no problem.  Just fill out the “contact us” form and one of our factory representatives or installers can talk to you about your options and provide free estimates on construction or resurfacing.

Sport Surfacing Systems | Athletic & Recreational Surfacing

Most of the SportMaster sport surfacing systems can be used with many different sports and activities.  However, here are a few of the standard systems that we have:

  • The Standard SportMaster Color Coating Systems
    • Color Concentrate & ColorPlus System:  This sport surfacing system is the standard system for tennis, basketball, pickleball, netball, and most sports that are played on with tennis shoes or soft, rubber soles.
  • The ProCushion System – 
    • A cushioned sport surfacing system comprised of multiple sub-layers containing rubber granules for shock absorption. Easier on the body and available various levels of cushioning: Economy, Standard, and Premium.
  • The SkateMaster System – 
    • SkateMaster sport surfacing system is manufactured using a harder and more durable acrylic resin for sports like roller hockey, skateboarding, and even high volume and traffic basketball courts.  This sport surfacing system is available in a neutral based coating and is compatible with the ColorPlus Pigment dispersion product.  This enables the end-user to choose from 16 standard colors.  Also, the type and amount of sand can be customized during the installation to meet the surfacing needs of the players.
  • TrackMaster & TrackMaster Plus Systems – 
      • TrackMaster & TrackMaster Plus are sport surfacing systems for running, jogging, and walking tracks.  TrackMaster is an asphalt-based emulsion, so it is only available in black. TrackMaster Plus is 100% acrylic, and comes in all 16 standard SportMaster colors.  Both systems are fortified with small rubber granules and help to seal and protect asphalt running track surfaces.


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